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Maximize the value of each consumer with our configurable data products.

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Unlock Benefits across Your Full Funnel


Shorten the path to reach qualified, high-intent consumers based on segmentation and behavioral insights.


Generate fresh revenue streams by elevating personalization and driving engagement.


Captivate consumers with optimized experiences and broaden financial access and inclusion.


Maximize time on customers who are the right match; minimize time on those who aren't.

Select Products

Persona Analyzer

Identify characteristics of high-quality, high-intent consumers based on a partner's product and its features, with an option to enhance with custom data models by ingesting third-party data.

Audience Enhancer

Maximize customer engagement monetization by augmenting a partner's audience set with in-depth insights, such as  shopping behaviors and intents.

Audience Builder

Acquire a funnel to effectively promote products according to consumer characteristics.

Next Best Offer

Craft personalized product and consumer matches through shopping intent and product analysis.

Key Technical Features

Seamless API integration
  • Complete developer documentation
  • Sandbox environment
  • Pre-built integrations with popular martech stacks and CRM systems
  • Flexibility in identifying product features and targeting characteristics for robust matching and personalization.
Data Security
  • Use of universal ID for improved identity resolution
  • Rigid data-handling governance to ensure legal and regulatory compliance