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Unleash the full potential of every customer interaction with the financial
data platform for acquisition, retention, and monetization.

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Maximize Your Full-Funnel Impact


Accelerate your consumer acquisition strategy by leveraging deep insights and data-driven segmentation. Use Audience Builder to engage high-intent, qualified consumers through targeted, omni-channel strategies encompassing web, direct mail and call centers.


Transform every interaction into an opportunity to maximize consumer value and deepen engagements. Drive incremental revenue by deploying Next Best Action for hyper-personalized product and content recommendations across all touchpoints.


Leverage real-time signals and enriched consumer profiles to ensure relevance and retention.Combine the power of Product History Graph, Audience Builder, and Next Best Action to deliver consumer experiences that are highly personalized and timely, to promote consumer loyalty.


Streamline your marketing efforts by focusing on consumers who align closely with your strategic needs. Employ BankLink Enhance to enrich your datasets, and augment with Product History Graph to identify and engage with consumers at every moment.

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Audience Builder

Enhance your marketing strategies by integrating rich consumer data into your user graph, offering detailed insights into consumer behaviors and purchasing intentions, enabling you to fine-tune your audience targeting. 

Product Engagement Graph

Real-time snapshot of consumer behavior across the Engine networks. Enhance your understanding of consumer activities, enabling higher conversion rates and precisely targeted product strategies through a detailed view of their purchase history and product interactions.

Next Best Action

Offer timely and personalized product and content recommendations by analyzing consumer behavior patterns with advanced data analytics. Boost engagement and enhance the lifetime value of your customers by meeting their evolving needs when they need them.

BankLink Connect

Streamline and secure the linking of consumer financial accounts across multiple data aggregators, optimizing data accuracy and operational efficiencies through its innovative auto-routing and integration capabilities.

BankLink Enhance

Dive deeper into customer financial behavior with advanced predictive analytics. This suite of APIs offers insights into transaction categorization, risk prediction, and financial stability; crucial insights for personalized consumer experiences.

Content Engine

Deliver dynamic and engaging content personalized to each customer. With informative videos, concise articles, and interactive polls and quizzes, each piece is customized to align with your brand’s unique voice and designed to educate, engage, and retain your consumers.

Key Technical Features

Seamless API integration

Complete developer documentation and a sandbox environment ensure smooth implementation and testing.


Enjoy hassle-free connectivity with existing martech stacks, adtech platforms, and CRM systems through pre-built integrations.


Easily integrated across various platforms without being tightly coupled to specific systems, allowing it to function with diverse data inputs and operational environments


Tailor your product feature and targeting requirements for optimal matching and personalization

Built For Scale

Engine’s platform handles billions of customer actions every year.